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CESHEO provides a free education in English in rural Cambodia. The organisation is a registered NGO and relies on volunteers and donations to provide students an education. CESHEO has 3 schools that serve over 750 students, ages 4-16. Currently…

Historically, advocates for liberty have been poorly represented on most issues in legislative hearings, because lobbyists generally represent special interests with big money. Having a lobbyist working in your interests by weighing in on…

Good angels every month return hope for human dignity to thousands of families

Más que como un aporte a la comunidad y un compromiso social, esta ONG busca resolver problematicas que empiezan en el ceno familiar, y que por medio de otras entidades han logrado cubrir solo a corto plazo.

The Dash Leopards are the first soccer team in the world to be funded by blockchain technology.  Our team will compete in Amsterdam next Easter, thanks to support from people in the Dash community.