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Accepting Dash Payments Is Easy

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Instant Payments

Dash offers instant permanent settlement for merchant transactions, meaning you won’t have to worry about charge backs or failed transactions.

Secure By Design

Dash’s transactions are verified secured by a decentralized payment network that can’t be taken down, so transactions can’t be blocked or reversed.

Lower Fees

With typical fees under a cent to send any amount to anyone anywhere in the world, Dash is one of the world’s cheapest payment networks.

Global Market

Dash is a payment system used all over the world without any international conversion fees.

Ecommerce Plugins

Accept Dash at your online store with a variety of powerful Ecommerce solutions.

POS Solutions

Save on time and credit card fees by accepting Dash in your store.

Start Accepting Dash!

Dash is a fast and cheap way of accepting payments for goods and services, whether for an online store or brick-and-mortar shop. It provides significant advantages over credit cards and other similar services in terms of transaction times and fees, as well as security.

Dash’s fees, for any size transaction sent anywhere in the world, are a fraction of what typical payment providers charge. Transactions are also confirmed on the global blockchain and cannot be obstructed or reversed, significantly reducing merchant risk of fraud or failed payments. You can accept Dash through an easy to use point-of-sale (POS) app that can run on any tablet or smartphone, and can keep Dash received or easily convert it to your local currency.

Advantages of Accepting Dash Payments

Irreversible Payments

Dash payments are irreversible by design. This means that you can accept payments from any country and be 100% guaranteed that the money you received will not be charged back.

Customer Privacy

Dash payments do not rely on trusting the person making the payment, so there is no need to collect private information about your Customers to accept their payments.

Lower Fees

Credit card companies usually charge up to 3% of the transaction amount and there are various additional fees. Dash transactions are under a penny which means payment solutions can offer low cost fees to merchants.

Additional Customers

People using Dash are very supportive of merchants accepting Dash payments. This helps to attract new Customers and to increase your sales.

Merchant Testimonials

“Dash is by far the best e-commerce token in the world and it completely solves the instant transaction and settlement problems Bitcoin currently faces. Since we integrated Dash six weeks ago, we haven’t had a single problem.”

Graham de Barra

BitCart CEO

“We service underbanked communities around the world, and Dash’s InstantSend transactions and low fees will further help these communities. We look forward to working with the Dash community to make paying for prepaid mobile phones more affordable and efficient.”

Sergej Kotliar

Bitrefill CEO

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