Checkout Vaultoro Gold & Crypto Exchange Watch Video enables anyone from around the world to open a Swiss Vaulting facility contract in under 5 minutes and then trade between Dash and Gold bullion.

All gold is

  • Fully insured
  • fully Audited by some of the largest auditors in the world
  • fully allocated in your name as your legal property, off Vaultoro’s books.
  • Secured in a Top-tier Swiss vaulting facility (Brink’s)
  • Secured in a tax-free zone
  • Tradeable back to Dash in seconds

Vaultoro has competitive trading fees including negative trading fees for market makers and free trading on gold above certain volumes.

Vaultoro also offers a Dash and Cryptocurrency affiliate program for referring new users to the platform. The program pays 20% of user fees for 2 years and there are regular promotions and rewards for affiliates.

Q How does Vaultoro secure my holdings?

Dash management and Storage

All crypto deposits go to our online hot wallets, and are then moved to our offline multi sig cold wallets every evening.
Vaultoro follows the state of the art in crypto security standards. Our cold wallets are stored offline and are safe from inside attacks by making sure all spending is regulated by utilising multi signature wallets.

To keep the liquidity and convenience of letting members withdraw their coins as soon as they are requested a minimum amount of funds are stored on a hot wallet (connected to the internet). This wallet is stored on a completely independent server from our trading engine

Q Where is my gold secured?

Your gold is physically secured by Brink´s Switzerland in their facility location at the Zurich Airport, one of the world's largest and most secure gold storage facilities.

Tor 105
Fracht Ost
CH-8058 Zurich Airport

Q Allocated vs. Unallocated Gold

All gold purchased on is Allocated gold enables anyone in the world to buy allocated investment grade gold bullion at wholesale cost through a global marketplace. All gold is allocated gold secured in the user's name as their legal property. The investor has no exposure to any third parties financial situation and their gold is secured by one of Europe's most established private vaulting facilities BRINKS, fully insured. For trading purposes a small percentage of the gold will be stored in a high security deposit at our partner gold trader facilities

What is the difference between allocated and unallocated gold?

Allocated gold means that the gold is physically held in secure storage and outright owned by you. All gold is secured in a high-security vaulting facility (Brinks Switzerland). It is one of the largest vaulting companies in Europe.

"Unallocated" gold is something you always want to stay away from. With unallocated gold there are no specific gold bars set aside, clients are in fact owed metal by the trading company, broker, bank or refinery that provides the service. Buying unallocated gold exposes investors to the financial situation of the seller because it is carried purely on the company’s accounts or balance sheets. If anything was to happen to the company like bankruptcy then investors would have to hope and wait in line to try and recover their share of gold. The terrible truth is that with unallocated gold holdings there doesn't have to be any gold held for the account! Unallocated gold is simply a promise to pay back rather than physically held gold held as the users legal property. only offers allocated gold secured in a top-tier vaulting facility in Switzerland.

Because all gold on Vaultoro is allocated, no client’s gold is part of Vaultoro’s balance sheets or books. This means that a liquidator could not access your gold in the unlikely event of Vaultoro’s or the vault operator’s financial failure. You are the owner of your gold, not Vaultoro or the Vault operator. We highly recommend the use of allocated gold because it is very well protected, not only physically but from default as well.

Q Is my Gold audited?

The gold in all vaults is audited by Vaultoro experts twice a year. In addition, the gold in the proaurum vault gets audited by the independent, well-known auditing-firm BDO once a year.

The auditing documents and processes are currently being overhauled. Due to the total redone of the platform some of the features are taking a couple of weeks to be implemented.

Q Is my Gold insured?

Is my Gold insured?

Q Can I get my gold delivered?

Please keep in mind that Vaultoro was primarily set up as a way for people to easily buy, trade and sell allocated gold bullion secured as your legal property in your name within a professional vaulting facility.

We naturally offer physical delivery because it is your gold and you should be able to do what you want with it, but you might prefer to sell your vaulted gold on the Vaultoro market, withdraw the funds as Bitcoin and buy physical gold that you can hold in your hands from a local gold retailer.

The minimum physical gold withdrawal (delivery) is 100 gram. To organise physical delivery of your gold requires a significant amount of management, this is reflected in a higher fee.

Currently all deliveries are handled case by case, please write to with your enquiry.

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Dash to Gold!

5/ 5

What a simple but brilliant idea. Trading between Dash and Gold seems like a no-brainer know that I found a safe place to do it. Great platform

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